Tottenham House – RENOVATED

Wow is all I can say about this place! 103 rooms! Tottenham House sure is one hell of a beauty! I’m not surprised it’s Grade 1 Listed.

There has been a house on the site of Tottenham House since the 15th century but the present Palladian mansion dates from 1812-1815 and was designed by architects Thomas Cundy Sr and Thomas Cundy Jr. The present house was built for Charles, 1st Marquess of Ailesbury, around the central core of a 17th century Classical house designed by Lord Burlington, a relation of the Ailesburys. The mansion is quite frankly vast, incorporating numerous beautifully decorated state rooms. The house is the ancestral home of David Brudenell-Bruce, Earl of Cardigan, who recently lost a legal battle with the estate trustees after the Brudenell-Bruce family fell upon hard times. The trustees had wanted to sell Tottenham House and 200 acres of parkland and finally managed so in late 2014 via court of appeal.

Since 2004 the house has been unheated and unoccupied and quite literally left to decay. It was recently bought by the businessman Jamie Ritblat who is the CEO of the property developer Delancey. Recent 2019 update: the house has been bought by a London banker to become his residence and has been renovated.

There are various derelict buildings in the grounds: Grade 2 Listed 51 Horse Stable Block (clock tower collapsed in Summer 2019), an old greenhouse, a collapsing chapel, various Georgian dwellings and a fantastic walled garden.