The Tudor Hotel

EDIT: as of 2020, there are plans to completely demolish this site. Security has been stepped up after metal thieves and vandals accessed the site numerous times and wrecked it. As of now, the building has decayed enormously and is very dangerous.

(The below was written a good while ago whilst the site was still unknown.)

This place was simply STUNNING. Half timbered, oak panelled and just gorgeous architecturally. This place is almost untouched. The building is a mid 19th century Tudor Revival house. It closed as a hotel in 2015 due to apparent “serious structural issues” though nothing of this sort can be seen – no cracks, no collapsing ceilings and nothing to indicate danger. Though considering it closed there must be something bad up with it. It is now HEAVILY guarded after a break in back in August 2018.

The Explore:

I found out about this place in July 2018 and went to it within a week. It was about an hour’s train ride from my place and I was not disappointed. At the time of my visit there was no security at all (surprisngly!!) so I could literally just walk into the main building through the front door. I spent a good hour and a half here, just photographing and taking in the building’s splendour.