Fawley Power Station – DEMOLISHED

Fawley Power Station is a now mostly demolished oil fired power station on the River Solent. The power station was commissioned in 1971 and built between 1965 and 1969, designed by Colin Morse RIBA. The building is noted for its round control building and glass de-aerator building. The chimney is 198 meters tall.

The Explore:

September 2019… literally a month before the demolition, a friend and I went and explored it. Annoyingly, the demolition workers were working that weekend which made it doubly hard to sneak in. But, we persevered and managed to sneak into a part of the turbine hall. Sadly, we were spotted and one photo was all I could get which annoyed me to no ends. Unfortunately, everything in the turbine hall had been ripped out so it was nothing but a shell. Enjoy the photos!