2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Hi,
    We met briefly in the Japanese restaurant yesterday. I enjoyed looking at your site. You have taken some terrific photos. I will continue to monitor your site to see what pops up next. I think you capture the majesty and grandeur of these now dead industrial behemoths.

    Your work reminds me of the photos of Charles Sheeler, who documented the industrial giants of America in the 1930s. I chanced upon an exhibition of his 30 years ago and never forgot it. If you are not aware of him, look him up I think you’d enjoy it. Yrs David


    • Hi David. Thanks for the kind words! I hope I do capture them well, as they’ll all be gone within the next decade sadly. Not one will be preserved. I’ll have a look at Sheeler’s work, he does sound very interesting. Any sort of heavy industry is fascinating.

      It was good to meet you. I’ll update the website in the next few weeks when I’ve been to the various sites I plan to visit!


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