Chaucer Technology College – DEMOLISHED


Literally within two days of me arriving at university for my first year, I caught wind of a derelict secondary school not too far from the actual main campus of my uni. So within five minutes of locating it, I was pelting off towards it on my bicycle! Upon arriving I could see it was beside a fairly busy road which made things slightly more difficult than they had to be, but hey ho. Such is the nature of urbex!

The Explore:

After scouting for about ten minutes, I clocked a security cabin in the main car park area. The guy was on his phone with headphones on so I snuck past him stealthily and managed to get into the school site. Definitely one of the more atmospheric places I’ve been to. 2,000 pupils used to attend here right up until 2015 when it closed down for good. Now the corridors are dark and dank. When I got into the building, that really musty sort of school smell hit me. I explored the place almost fully and spent at least three hours there. It’s mostly empty but some cool features still survived.

Here are the photos, taken on two different occasions: