The Coal Handling Facility

This has long been somewhere I have wanted to explore, simply for the uniqueness of the site and for the thrill. This is the old coal handling facility of a now-demolished power station in the UK, which was closed down around a decade ago. The power station itself is long gone at this point but the coal handling site remains.

The Explore:

Myself and five friends rocked up after spending the night camping in a derelict mental asylum, and began the walk. It was a cold day so the brisk walk really made us feel warm. After around an hour or so of walking and negotiating the site, we arrived onto the jetty that the place was situated on. Three huge cranes towered above us, the largest being maybe 250 feet tall. It was a sight to behold, for definite! We spent a good two hours exploring and photographing the place, taking everything in. Small chunks of coal still remain from when it was in operation. Enjoy the photographs!

Ground Level:

The Conveyors:

The Largest Crane: