Dolmans House – DEMOLISHED

Dolmans House is a derelict Edwardian mansion in Shaw on the outskirts of Newbury. The mansion is pretty badly damaged by fire and is currently up for sale and redevelopment. As of 2017, Dolmans has been demolished, with new flats built on the site.

It is a large building and the inside is blackened by smoke particles. It is a very grand building and has some very ornate plaster-work, despite its fire damaged state. You can gain access to the building by climbing on through a window. This entrance only takes you round half of the building’s lower floor as the stairs have been burned away. If you go round the back, you see a door that goes into the building. You can’t miss the door as there is a burned out Skoda Fabia near it.

According to one of my information sources, Dolmans was owned by a man who owed people a lot of money. The man had wanted to sell Dolmans but could not find a buyer so he torched the house to claim on the insurance. The man was jailed for arson and quite rightly so. I am disgusted that he’d burn such a nice Edwardian mansion!