Hill House

“Hill House” is a gorgeous Victorian mansion situated up a fairly steep hill with cattle grazing around. It is built in the Neo-Gothic style with some earlier incorporations. There is a nice Venetian twist to the architecture. This place was amazing… However; I did not manage to explore it fully as I had only 20 minutes to snap some photographs and find a way in to get to the main stairwell. I will go back there in the next few weeks and do a proper explore and make a better report. BUT… I will say that there is an angry looking caretaker who marches around the site every 15 minutes from his house which is literally a stone’s throw from the house…!!!

Sunday, 31st March 2019:

I went back to Hill House today armed with my camera. I got there and all was good. I began to explore this vast building. All in all it took me about two and a half hours to do so. I found many interesting things, including a clock made by Gillett & Bland of Croydon in 1870. This company is very famous among church bell ringers like myself as they were a bell foundry from between the 1880’s and the 1950’s. Notable examples of Gillett & Johnston (their bellfouding name and successor) are Hillingdon, Watford, Preshute, Whitchurch-on-Thames and Newport Pagnell.

I have taken plenty of video but… I had to play cat and mouse with security who eventually caught me. Word of warning: do not come here. Development starts very soon as security is being tightened enormously – dog patrols occur every 15 minutes from Monday onwards. You will be caught if you go here.