The Robert Adam House

PERMISSION VISIT. And a note to all those thinking of exploring this site – ASK FOR PERMISSION. The caretaker is a lovely chap and will let you in to look around and give you a guided tour! Do not break in or attempt to explore without permission!

Anyway… this is a Grade 1 listed former country house. It is a red sandstone building built in the 18th century, later modified and extended by the famed Classical architect Robert Adam, who worked on houses such as Kedleston Hall, Stowe House and Syon Abbey among others. The present building is mainly Adam’s work, with many of his features still surviving. According to the caretaker, who used to own the site, it became a health hydro in the early 1900’s and then later a Roman Catholic School. Some of the school buildings survive, but a lot of the newer stuff was demolished to make way for a brand new school built next door. The school was a Conventual school, run by nuns. The caretaker bought the house in the 1980’s, saving it from dereliction and he restored it, running it as a wedding venue. It also catered for the local Freemasons – three lodges survive upstairs with the Mason’s Marks on the plaster ceilings. In the 2000’s, the caretaker sold the house to a Pakistani company who have done nothing to the house and have let it fall derelict. Recent fires have gradually destroyed parts of the site. Sadly it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.

The Explore:

The caretaker gave us a guided tour of the house and explained the history. For someone who enjoys architecture a lot, this was a fantastic explore for me. I love Adamesque architecture! These photos should show some of the grandeur of the house (apologies for the weird quality, my lens began malfuctioning that day):