The Control Room

Well well well… Ever since seeing photos of the site back in 2015, I have been desperate to explore it. I finally did, with my good friends Landie_Man and Robin – not a neo-Batman duet, I hasten to add! In all honesty, we were not expecting to find access into this building. Demolition of the main power station was properly along, with only the control block, transformer bays and chimney still standing – the rest had been demolished which is a crying shame. But hey ho… nothing one can do when a multi-billion property development consortium decides to build houses. Unfortunately, the power station was a four unit one, and in the 1990s, two of the units were mothballed. Much of the plant and equipment used for them was taken out, along with their two control displays so only two control desks remained of the four units. But even so, they were a sight to behold.

The Explore:

As is normally the case, it was a very early wake up call for this one. I woke at 2:30am, had a quick wash and then got dressed and woke up Landie_Man and Robin who were staying at mine. I then made them coffees, and soon after we set off on the hour long drive. We arrived just as dawn was beginning to break over the quiet landscape. The towering 200 meter high chimney was lit up by the red aircraft warning lights as we walked along the path to get to the access. After a good ten minute walk, we got to the entrance into the site and crawled along a ledge with a thirty foot drop to our left! However, we still persevered and within a few minutes we were at the control block. We spotted some ball cameras so we kept to the edge of the building and inched around it and then boom, we found the access. All three of us quickly piled inside and then slowly and tentatively walked around the inside, listening and keeping watch. The lights of the building were on so we were apprehensive, and there was a car parked outside as well, so doubly apprehensive. We didn’t know if security inhabited the structure or not. We decided to chance it after seeing nobody in the car, and dart for the stairs. So that’s what we did. Up the stairs three floors to the control room. And bloody hell, I can tell you right now it was one of the best control rooms I have ever explored. Six years of waiting had finally paid right off for me. And I was so happy. We were inside the control room for a good two hours or so and in the first hour, security repeatedly patrolled. At one point, security got out of the van and walked towards the building. So, Landie_Man squashed himself and his bag inside a control panel (yes, you read that right, a control panel!) to hide, so myself and Robin went and hid in a server room after locking the door behind us. We didn’t hear anything but Landie_Man thought he heard voices a few minutes after we disappeared to hide. Quite scary. However, saying that, we weren’t bothered by any more security patrols after that. I was so pleased after we got out that I could tick this off the bucket list.

The photographs are posted below for your enjoyment!