The Red Asylum

I chanced upon this asylum quite unexpectedly. As the site is in immaculate condition, I shall not state where it is, nor what part of the country it is in. I don’t want it to be trashed. It is to this end that I am code naming it “The Red Asylum” due to the red brick it is built of.

The asylum is a large one, comprising of numerous wards. Once inside for the first time, I felt quite disoriented. The corridors seemed to stretch for miles and echoed noisily. I’ve known about this place since October, but had no idea it was derelict – almost no information on the place at all. And then, about two months ago, I went around just to see what it was like. Lo and behold, the place was shuttered up. But, there were contractors moving things out of it. So, I went home and prepared my camera stuff. I went to bed really early and woke up at 5 the next morning, ready to go to the place.

I’ve got to say, this is the first ever asylum I have explored. And I can tell you, the seven year wait to explore one has paid off so damn well. I found one in good condition! I’ve done the maths: 95% of Victorian/early 20th century mental hospitals have either been demolished or converted. This is one of a kind.

The explore was full of adrenaline. I found my way into the hospital and began my explore. It was cold inside, but the lighting worked (at the time) so it wasn’t too dark. I began by making my way to the corridors and immediately went to the main hall, that being something I had wanted to photograph first. I think the following photographs will tell the rest of the story! Enjoy.