The Molson-Coors Brewery – Undergoing Demolition

I visited this site with my friend Landie_Man in May of 2021. I have known about this site for a while now, having read news reports on the proposed redevelopment for it and had it pinned. But it was only when Landie recommended it that I thought, “why not?”. So, that’s what we did. We rocked up and waited for two others and then we went in!

Brief History:

The site dates back around 150 years, having been founded and built by the Bass brewing company in 1864. What we see today is largely a modern brewery with two listed structures from the Victorian era. The site was mothballed in 2017, and then closed and decommissioned in 2018, and is now undergoing demolition. The site is currently up for sale, with Molson-Coors stressing that the listed structures must be retained. Until 2019, the brewery was connected to another brewery (also owned by Molson-Coors, that is still active) that stands adjacent via a metal bridge, but sadly the bridge was demolished in 2019. The site was acquired by Molson-Coors, a merger of Canadian brewing company Molson and USA based Coors, sometime in the 2000s.

The Explore:

The access was some of the easiest I’ve ever done apart from walking into the field at Willington’s cooling towers. We were all in within seconds. After scouting for security, we decided to make a break for the main building whose doors were open all over the place. Once inside however, it became apparent that stripping and demolition was well underway by now. Much of the workings of the brewing processes were gone but what was still there was nonetheless impressive. Probably the two best bits for me were the network of silos and walkways that went between them, allowing for some fantastic shots and views up there, and then the fermentation vats with the barrel doors you could open. We spent a good four hours inside that place, finally leaving at about half past seven in the evening! It was a very refreshing explore, with plenty of photogenic rows of brewing equipment. Unlike the other brewery I explored, there was no chase on the way out by terminator security guards with bloody great Alsatians! Enjoy the photos!