The Medieval College

So, this is a site that has evaded me since 2019. But, in October 2021, I finally cracked it! The site is a large former medieval monastic college, later a science campus. It was closed down and left abandoned just over a decade ago. Recently it was snapped up by a London based property developer who have the aim of turning it into houses… surprise surprise.

The Explore:

So, with fresh determination this time, I set off towards the college. Many times I have tried and failed this site, never having managed to get in. But this time was different – I found a way in after two years of trying! And boy, was I not disappointed whatsoever. The site is partly medieval and some of those features still remain in the building – some absolutely gorgeous wooden panelling throughout the structure, Gothic windows and arches, stone fireplaces… list goes on. However, much of it dates from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, albeit in keeping with the original Gothic style. The new additions are quite obvious as they are made of brick and strangely rounded pieces of rubble. The original sections are evident as the stonework is much worse condition. The explore was good fun, however I did have to dodge numerous motion sensors and PIR-activated CCTV cameras. But other than that, it was brilliant. Enjoy the photographs!