The Cereal Factory – DEMOLISHED

As of February 2021, the cereal factory has been demolished. I explored this factory recently with a good friend of mine. After hearing tales of evil tempered security, we were slightly apprehensive of the place. But, once we got there, we found that it was fairly easy. Only access was a problem, due to me being a slightly larger than average type person! Decided to nickname this the “Spunk Factory” – secca pulled up in a car about ten minutes after we got in. Didn’t see us. We saw him tho. And kept our distance for about two hours. He just sat there for ages and did nothing so I went and spied on him from the roof above where he was parked directly below… sun roof was open. He was watching porn and having a wank! On the bloody job too!! Definitely one of the weirdest urbex moments I’ve ever experienced.

Still, here are the photos of the place: