The Springs Hotel

This place was simply STUNNING. Half timbered, oak panelled and just gorgeous architecturally. This place is almost untouched. The building is a mid 19th century Tudor Revival house. It closed as a hotel in 2015 due to apparent “serious structural issues” though nothing of this sort can be seen – no cracks, no collapsing ceilings and nothing to indicate danger. Though considering it closed there must be something bad up with it. It is now HEAVILY guarded after a break in back in August 2018.

The Explore:

I found out about this place in July 2018 and went to it within a week. It was about an hour’s train ride from my place and I was not disappointed. At the time of my visit there was no security at all (surprisngly!!) so I could literally just walk into the main building through the front door. I spent a good hour and a half here, just photographing and taking in the building’s splendour.