Eggborough Power Station – Undergoing Demolition

Well. This is very much a site I have wanted to do for many years at this point. This power station was constructed in the 1960s and brought fully online in the 1970s. Consisting of four 500MW turbo-alternator generator units, driven by four English Electric steam turbines, fuelled by four coal fired boilers, this power station really was a monster. In 2021, the eight cooling towers were demolished in two successive demolition events. In 2022, the site’s turbine hall and bunker bay were demolished. Very little remains these days.

The Explore:

I woke up pretty early on a chilly April morning at 2am. I’d decided to get a very early night’s sleep beforehand, to make sure I was fully awake and alert for the day’s events. I’d gone with a former associate of mine and we stayed close by the site. After two hours, we both set off for the power station. However, my former associate decided to go back to bed at the hotel instead of accompanying me into a hazardous site as he was very tired after apparently not having slept well. So, I had to go it alone, which in retrospect wasn’t a good idea, but never mind. I found a hole in the fence and made my way towards the looming power station. There were floodlights all over the place so I did my best to keep to the shadows. After failing to explore this place in June 2020, I was absolutely adamant not to fail. I got to the last shadowy area and checked the coast. No sign of life apart from the rumble of a generator powering the floodlights. So I belted it like hell across the open ground and found the access. By that time I was out of breath and knackered, but I forged on anyhow. I found the entrance inside the plant and boom, BINGO! Demolition is well underway here sadly, and two of the four turbines are stripped out, with the other two open to the air, which made for an interesting photo opportunity. I spent around four hours inside the power station, moving up and down inside. I photographed the cooling towers from the roof of the boiler house against the rising sun. Let’s just say, the photos speak for themselves about how cool and fascinating this place was. The control room was easily the highlight of this explore. So many knobs and dials and buttons. Serious old school vibes, with no computer screens anywhere. Enjoy…!



Boiler House:

Turbine Hall:

Control Room: