Thames Manor

Been a bloody long time since I’ve been able to actually post something because I forgot my login… dimwit. But I now have it back and have plenty of stuff to upload!!

This is a fairly recent exploration. I will not say where it is as it is in such immaculate condition and is guarded like a bloody fortress. This is (codenamed) Thames Manor, a Neo-Elizabethan manor house. It is pretty damn enormous and is architecturally amazing. It was an absolute mission impossible to get anywhere near the place as there are regular security patrols with multiple guards. The interior of the mansion is littered with motion sensors that go off and bleep loudly… Word of warning – once that happens you have two minutes to make a hasty getaway otherwise you’ll have an irate guard closing down on you pretty damn quickly.

Anyway, enjoy the pics! I will write up a detailed report later on today. Stay safe when exploring guys!


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